Learn in Public

Through my entire life I've always had a passion for learning and figuring new things out. I've always been curious by nature and never felt afraid to jump into cold water for the sake of learning. Recently, I felt very inspired by @swyx concept of Learn in Public.

The idea behind Learning in Public is to share as much as possible. About what we are working on and what we learned (or want to learn). Most people (like 99% including me for most times) tend to just consume information, may it be for the sake of learning or just entertainment. Learning in Public is a shift from being the consumer to creating and documenting what you learn. An important note is that learning in public has no quality standards. The only thing that matters is continous effort and consistency. The learning will happen because of that, not because you spend hours perfecting an article.

Compound yourself

Each piece of content you create adds on and multiplies whatever else you have done beforehand. Thats the magic that happens when you start learning & working in public is that everything you create will be a compounding investment. One or two investments will have little effect, but when you start writing and taking notes in public on a daily base, you will start compounding and get major returns.

Think about the quality of your learning. Once you have written a few articles (even really bad ones or just public learning notes), you will start getting feedback. Thats where the cycle starts, the feedback will help you get better and you will learn things that you didn't even know you could learn.

Compounding is magic. Look for it everywhere. Exponential curves are the key to wealth generation - Sam Altman

My goal is to use this Page as an updated list of what I've learned and what I want to learn. It's going to cover all sort of topics and won't be limited to just web-development. My aim is to showcase my learning and to the page as a tool for myself to keep track my own progress, save some resources for later use and to get feedback and insights into things I do not know yet.

My List

1Re-build my Website with Next.jsNext.jsReactServerlessstyled-jsxDone2020-09-30
2Contribute to prism.js or highlight.jsCSSJavaScriptNPMin-progress
3Use SWR with for data fetchingNext.jsServerless
4Take a deep dive into react hooksReact
5Write about books i've readLearning
6Contribute towards Next.js Open SourceNext.jsReact
7Get into content marketingMarketing
7Switch to VS Code
8Create Youtube Tutorials about coding
Nextjs serverless swr usememo habits 10x rule books ui-systems - ui libraries blogging - writing youtube videos omnipresence creating an online course marketing soscial media a11y testing vs-code Freelancing - sales & getting clients fiverr es6 react creating good cheatsheets